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Skate 3 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2010)
Price Range: $23 - $23
Explore the fictional Port Carverton in the Xbox 360 bestselling game Skate. Freely skate around, complete objectives or play online in live multiplayer worlds. Skate 3 brings two new difficulty settings and three fresh game modes to this long-running skate sim series. This game brings fluidity and enhanced graphics to the Xbox 360. Compete against the sport's most easily recognizable skateboarders including Terry Kennedy, Rob Dyrdek and Chris Cole. Skate 3 features Skate.Park, a realm to create entirely customizable skate parks for personal use or for sharing with friends. You can record videos of sick tricks and publish them in-game or in real time with other players. Skate 3 offers an exciting goal: sell a million boards as a skateboarding entrepreneur to complete Skate 3's story mode. Can you start an international skateboarding company?

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